What can you draw with image generators ?

Thanks to artificial intelligence, making pretty drawings has never been easier. Whether you are talented or not, you can have great creations from a simple prompt by using image generators. What also makes these tools strong is the great diversity of works that they can produce in a short time. Focus on projects in which artificial intelligence can be useful to you.


There are many AI-powered tools on the market, each with their own specificities and applications. The vast majority of these tools help you create logos suitable for any brand. What used to take hours to create can now be done in seconds thanks to AI. To create your image, click here to go to the platform of one of these image generators.

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Once on the site, you must choose “logo” as the creation type. You must then enter a prompt for the AI to create your logo. Your prompt must contain the essential information for creating your emblem. You will need to provide information such as the name of your business as well as the colors you would like to be used, for consistency with your image.

You can also indicate the type of font of your choice and the elements of the background. When an image is proposed, you can modify it as you wish so that it best suits your brand. So choose your generation tool and start creating your logo.

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Beyond logos, image generation tools can also help you create photographs. When you make a publication and you need an image to illustrate it in order to increase your organic reach, you can count on AI. With the latter, no more constraints of cost or access to the subject of photography.

You will be able to produce quality photographs by once again using textual descriptions. With increasingly powerful AI, it is difficult to differentiate between the productions of these tools and real photos taken with cameras. You will therefore be able to capture reality without much problem, with incredible details.

Some tools offer several images when you launch your prompts. This gives you the freedom to choose the photograph best suited to you. For your various photography needs, do not hesitate to use this revolutionary technology.

The paintings

If you also need painting, image generators can also be helpful. No need to order a canvas and pay a lot of money to get it. It is possible to have creations that take on the appearance of paintings created on an analog medium, such as oil or watercolor.

When generating the image, you must indicate the style of artistic movements you want. You can also ask the AI to take inspiration from a particular artist, or one of their paintings. If you then want your own portrait using the creation style of Da Vinci, Van Gogh or John Singer Sargent, you get it in seconds.

You can then print them and hang them in your living room to impress your visitors. If you are also a talented artist, these generation tools can serve as sources of inspiration for you since their algorithms are trained on a gigantic database.

Architectural plans

Finally, AI is also useful in the field of architecture. It can even be found in all the construction and life processes of an architectural work. Regarding image-generating AI, it is in the design of plans and visualizations of buildings and urban spaces that they are useful.

By using specialized tools like MyImageGPT, you can quickly create realistic plans that can be used for your construction projects. If you are a project leader and you have ideas in mind, you will be able to bring them to life. You also have the possibility of using them to quickly show on 2D or 3D plans the different designs that you can create.

Note that the results obtained are of high quality, aesthetically pleasing, with detailed architectural renderings. You therefore have nothing to fear. Use these tools to get your projects started. When you get a result that you want to improve, just ask the AI.

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