What Are the Best Simple Bridal Accessories for a Minimalist Wedding Look?

The bells are ringing, and love is in the air. It’s your wedding day, a day that will be etched in your memory forever. While the cake, venue, and guest list might be at the forefront of your mind, it’s the bridal look that often steals the spotlight. For those of you embracing a minimalist style, we want to help you navigate the world of bridal accessories.

This article is dedicated to helping you choose the best simple bridal accessories to perfect your minimalist wedding look. We will guide you through a variety of minimalist accessory ideas, including dresses, veils, earrings, and other jewelry. And don’t worry, we’ll also provide some tips on how to make these accessories shine in your wedding photography.

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Minimalist Bridal Dresses for the Big Day

When it comes to your big day, the dress is often the star of the show. A minimalist bridal dress is typically characterized by simple lines, understated elegance, and a lack of over-the-top embellishments.

The best minimalist dresses are the ones that make you feel beautiful and comfortable on your wedding day. Choose a dress with a simple cut that flatters your figure. Avoid excessive frills, ruffles, and sparkly details. Instead, opt for a dress made of high-quality fabric that drapes beautifully on your body.

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Consider choosing a dress with a classic silhouette such as A-line, sheath, or column. These styles are timeless and lend themselves well to a minimalist aesthetic. Remember, the beauty of a minimalist bridal dress lies in its simplicity and sophistication.

Veils and Hair Accessories for a Minimalist Bride

Next in line are wedding veils and hair accessories. These items are essential in completing your bridal look. For a minimalist bride, less is definitely more.

Choose a simple, sheer veil that lets the beauty of your dress shine through. A single-tier, chapel-length veil is a popular choice for minimalist brides. For hair accessories, opt for dainty hairpins or a sleek hairband.

Keeping your hairdo simple also complements the minimalist accessory style. Soft waves, a neat chignon, or a simple braid can beautifully enhance the look, keeping the focus on you, the bride.

Choosing the Perfect Earrings for a Minimalist Bridal Look

Earrings can completely transform your wedding look. They frame your face in photos and add a touch of sparkle without overwhelming your outfit.

For a minimalist bride, it’s best to choose earrings that are understated yet chic. Small diamond or pearl studs, delicate drop earrings, or thin hoops can add the right amount of shine to your look. Remember, it’s important that your earrings complement your dress and other accessories without stealing the show.

Bridal Jewelry: Keep it Simple and Elegant

Beyond earrings, there are other pieces of bridal jewelry to consider. Necklaces, bracelets, and rings can all add to your overall look. However, in keeping with the minimalist style, it’s important to avoid going overboard.

A delicate necklace that rests close to your collarbone can highlight the neckline of your dress. A thin bracelet or a classic timepiece can add a subtle touch of elegance. If you’re wearing a ring beyond your engagement ring and wedding band, make it a simple one.

Choose pieces that are meaningful to you. Perhaps a family heirloom or a piece gifted by a loved one. This adds a personal touch to your look and makes the jewelry more than just an accessory.

Capturing your Minimalist Bridal Look in Photos

Photography plays a key role in preserving the memories of your wedding day. Your minimalist bridal style can shine through in your photos if captured correctly.

It’s essential to communicate your style to your photographer. Show them your dress, accessories, and explain the overall look you’re going for. This allows them to plan shots that highlight your minimalist aesthetic.

In posing for photos, remember that less is more. Simple, natural poses often work best. Allow your photographer to capture candid moments. These often make the most beautiful photos, capturing the love and joy of your special day in a way that staged photos cannot.

Your wedding day is a celebration of your love and commitment. It’s a day to feel the most beautiful version of yourself. With these minimalist bridal accessory tips at your disposal, you’re well on your way to achieving a simple and elegant wedding look that truly represents you.

Simple Wedding Shoes for a Minimalist Bride

The right pair of wedding shoes can make all the difference in completing your minimalist bridal look. When selecting your wedding shoes, prioritize comfort and simplicity.

A pair of classic ivory or white pumps offer a timeless elegance that never goes out of style. If you’re not a fan of high heels, consider ballet flats or even stylish white sneakers for a more relaxed and comfortable day look. Remember, the purpose of wedding shoes in a minimalist bridal look is to complement the wedding dress, not overshadow it.

While choosing wedding shoes, it’s also important to consider the venue. For an outdoor wedding or one with a lot of walking, a pair of flats or wedges would be a more practical choice. Remember, your comfort on your big day is paramount.

When it comes to embellishment, keep it minimal. A small bow, a hint of lace, or a simple knot can add a subtle touch of charm without straying from the minimalist aesthetic. Brands like Jennifer Behr, Essense Australia, and others offer a variety of simple yet elegant wedding shoes to choose from.

Minimalist Wedding Decor and Final Touches

A minimalist wedding extends beyond the bridal look. It also involves the wedding decor. To create a simple wedding ambiance, stick to a neutral color palette. Shades of white, beige, and soft pastels set a serene and elegant tone.

Opt for clean lines and less clutter in your wedding decor. A simple wedding arch, basic table settings, and minimal floral arrangements can create a stunning effect. Don’t be afraid to use empty space. It can actually add to the minimalist aesthetic by making each element stand out more.

For your wedding cake, choose a simple design with one or two colors. A popular option is a white cake with simple frosting and a modest topper. Remember, the best wedding isn’t necessarily the most extravagant one, but the one that truly reflects you.


A minimalist wedding allows the focus to be on the bride, the groom, and the love they share. It’s all about simplicity and elegance, from the wedding dresses to the accessories, shoes, and decor. The beauty of a minimalist wedding day look lies in its simplicity and the ability to highlight your natural beauty.

In the midst of wedding planning, it’s easy to get carried away with numerous intricate details. But, with a minimalist approach, you can make a statement with less, both in your bridal look and your wedding decor. Whether it’s a simple A-line wedding gown, delicate earrings, or soft waves in your hair, the focus is on you and your love story.

Remember, your wedding day is an expression of you and your partner. Don’t let the pressure to conform to traditional norms sway you from your minimalist vision. With these ideas and tips, you can plan a simple, elegant wedding that truly represents your style and aesthetic. As you step into your new chapter, you do so with grace, elegance, and a sense of authenticity that a minimalist wedding uniquely offers.

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